Booking details


Our Features

  • Max Guests: 4
  • Min. Booking Nights: 1
  • Pick up : Not Available
  • Area : 8*10m²

Family Tent  For Two Adults  Rs.2800 (Rs.1400/Each)/Per Day
Family Tent  For Three Adults  Rs.3900 (Rs.1300/Each)/Per Day
Family Tent  For Four Adults  Rs.4800 (Rs.1200/Each)/Per Day
Family Tent  For Five Adults  Rs.5500 (Rs.1100/Each)/Per Day

XXL Tent (for 6-8 adults): 1100/head
*For Family Tent Child (Up to 9 Year) Rs.800 Each/Per Day

**Including Complementary Well Come Dirnks, Lunch, Evening Snaks,Dinner, And Next Day Break fast.